Universal Audio LUNA v1.0.6 Update Adds Automation, Reverse Audio and More

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Universal Audio have rolled out v1.0.6 of LUNA, their free recording software system for owners of UA gear, adding some new and reasonably significant workflow improvements. 

Perhaps the biggest addition, is the ability to automate parameters on the Neve Summing, Studer A800 and Oxide LUNA extensions, enabling more creative and flexible possibilities in your song-writing.

Other improvements include:

  • Drag/Drop MIDI to Tracks
    • Drag/drop MIDI from Finder or plug-in window directly to existing track
  • Reverse Audio
    • Right-click waveform to reverse selection via contextual menu
  • Clear All Automation
    • Edit > Clear All Automation to delete all automation data on tracks within edit selection
  • Clear Recent List
    • Clear recent sessions in CREATE panel via right-click or File menu
    • Added Copy/Paste of compatible automation types such as sends to other sends

It’s worth noting that sessions opened in v1.0.6 will no longer be compatible with earlier LUNA versions. So there’s no going back! If you’re an existing LUNA user,  you’ll probably be prompted to update next time you start a session — if not, select Check For Updates under the LUNA menu.

Full release notes can be found here.

Check out Tristan’s LUNA First Look video below!

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