Universal Audio Releases Major v1.1 Update for LUNA Recording System

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One of the worlds leading manufacturer of professional audio recording hardware and software, Universal Audio has just released LUNA v1.1, a major update containing more than 100 features and fixes.

For all owners of Thunderbolt-enabled Apollo interfaces*, LUNA v1.1 is Free, which represents the aggregate of all previous LUNA updates. There are new workflow improvements and stability features that further enhance the capacity of LUNA.

New in LUNA v1.1:

  • Session Versions and Bookmarks for easy organization
  • Track Groups for quicker mixing and editing
  • MIDI Clock Output, Chase, Drag & Drop
  • Automation for LUNA Extensions
  • Reverse Audio clips for easy creative effects

Session versions allow users to iterate, explore while continuously saving through all composition and development phases.

Universal Audio Releases LUNA Recording System v1.1

Track Groups users now can quickly process multi‑source instruments like guitars, drums, vocals, and more.

MIDI Clock Output allows for the easy connection to modular synths, groove boxesor sequencers such as Ableton Live.


Additional LUNA v1.1 updates include MIDI Drag & Drop, Automation for LUNA Extensions, Reverse Audio, plus more.

*LUNA is currently available as a free download for all Thunderbolt-equipped Apollo owners for macOS systems only. LUNA is not compatible with Apollo FireWire or Apollo Twin USB..

Download LUNA v1.1: www.uaudio.com/uad/downloads.html

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