Urano by Gotharman’s: A Modular Synthesizer in a Box

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Gotharman’s, a Danish boutique synth company specialising in handcrafted devices had previously produced the SpazeDrum Analog Drum Synthesizer and the Tiny LD Granular Workstation has now revealed the Urano, a new modular synthesizer prototype with memory.

Urano has a wide range of digital modules for building 8 different parts of sound and modulation utilizing wavetables, samples and virtual analogue through its analogue and digital filters. This is a box full of modular options, elaborate routings, sound and signals linked via each other, as well as physical buttons and knobs and a digital touch screen interface for diving into the specifics.

It can operate eight distinct sound systems at the same time, allowing you to patch together eight different modular sounds. There are 8 oscillators, 8 digital filters, 8 LFOs, VCAs, envelopes, effects, and so on, and there’s no reason why you can’t utilize them all together in a single patch.  There are also four analogue filters that may be patched through for extra analogue gratification.

You can record or import your own samples for sound creation, or you can create and manipulate wavetables directly in the box. There are several modes available, including simulated analogue waveforms with morphing, a resonant oscillator, percussion and cymbal sounds, pitched noise, claps, as well as sampling and wavetable.

There are 27 different filter types, hundreds of effects, extensive modulation possibilities, and an 8-track sequencer with 16 modulation recording channels giving this device a total of 67 modules.

All patching is done using a touch screen interface where you make grid selections. It appears to be a deliberate technique of coping with a plethora of alternatives. Physical trigger and CV inputs and outputs are provided for integration with other modular systems.

Gotharman’s has opened up preorders on this machine with shipping expected in October.

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