Waves Takes Plugins to Version 11

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Software developer Waves have shown admirable restraint (thus far) with the announcement of version 11 of their popular line of professional audio plugins to not throw in any off-hand Spinal Tap references, a task I often struggle with.

Waves V11 brings with it a tantalizing assortment of updates and new features including:

  • MacOS 10.15 Catalina compatibility
  • New updated versions of their classic Renaissance plugins with 700+ new presets
  • 1400+ new presets across entire plugin line
  • NKS support added to 43 plugins for use with Native Instruments hardware
  • Free plugins added to selected premium bundles including Platinum, Diamond, Horizon and Mercury

In order to access Waves V11 updates you must be covered by the Waves Update Plan which costs up to $240 USD depending on which plugins you own, and covers you for one year from the date of purchase.

Waves V11 adds some great new features and (for certain bundles) new interesting plugins, however the main appeal here is likely to be MacOS Catalina compatibility. On that note, the subscription model offered by an increasing number of manufacturers starts to make sense when you consider the high outright price of premium plugin bundles, on top of the fact that there may be additional yearly costs for just for compatibility updates. Still, those Waves plugins are pretty sweet!

You can read more about the Waves V11 update here: waves.com/introducing-waves-v11

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