Signing Your First Music Recording Contract

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Even though this article by Native Instruments is based on the experiences in the USA, it still holds relevance with the Music Industry in Australia particularly if you are unsure about signing your first music recording contract or how to go about it.

The Music Industry has changed dramatically throughout the years and the days of Record Company A&R reps coming out to see your gigs are well gone. With the increase in social media, streaming services and other such portals now dominating the fabric of the Industry, it is always great to get some free advice on how to get your music to the masses and on the airwaves.

You’ve just finished producing your first track, and it sounds great. It so happens to turn out that a record label thinks so too and they’re keen to release it. Before you go about signing on the dotted line though, there are a few important things you need to know.

The contract you sign will have a large impact on your music career, whether you’re a newcomer or an established artist. The fact is that if a contract hasn’t been weighed in your favor early on in your career, it could have a serious impact on you as an artist.

So if you are a young producer, artist or young band trying to get your tracks out into the marketplace, there are things to consider like your bargaining position, exclusivity and other options.

This article is an ideal insight on all the considerations that you should take note of when dealing with any contract negotiations.

Read the full article from Native Instruments HERE

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