AKG LYRA: New USB Microphone of Cosmic Proportions

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Content creators prepare for lift-off as there’s a new USB mic on the block and the stars are aligned on this one. The newly announced AKG LYRA Ultra-HD Multi-Mode Condenser USB Microphone, packs a technology-filled punch to justify that elongated title.

The LYRA design features what AKG are calling their 4-capsule Adaptive Array, which in short allows its 4 individual modes to be optimized for different applications and thus, offering unique audio capture. Users can choose from a tradition Front Mode capture (think cardioid), Front and Back Mode for all-round capture, ideally suited for person to person interviews and such, Tight Stereo Mode, suited for instrument capture and Wide Stereo Mode which utilizes all 4 capsules for massive front and back stereo images, great for room recordings and ambient capture (think Blumlein stereo capture technique), pretty cool right?AKG LYRA: USB Microphone of Cosmic Proportions

Audio capture is of Ultra-HD 192kHz / 24-bit resolution, (which is 4K compatible) and operation appears to be plug and play. A simple USB-C connection is on the mic (fear not users of the archaic USB-A connection, there’s a cable included) plus a 3.5mm headphone out for latency-free monitoring. Cross-platform compatibility allows Mac, Windows, iOS and Android users to get a recording without hindrance and there’s an included registration card for Ableton Live Lite.

With a retro/modern styling, like that of a broadcast mic of old, the mic can utilize the included adjustable desktop-style stand or be mounted to a tradition mic or broadcast-style boom stand. Not just pretty – but practical too!

With looks and features that would surely make Ptolemy proud, this new USB mic will be sure to become an instant hit especially at the price point of sub $300.

We’re looking forward to getting our hands on one soon and giving you a full run down. Until then, check out AKG’s site for more info.AKG LYRA: USB Microphone of Cosmic Proportions


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