Antelope Audio Release their New Zen Go Synergy Core Interface

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Antelope Audio’s newest interface sports a sleek polished black metal look with a very fancy looking colour display. It has one knob which can be assigned to multiple functions, such as gain and headphone/monitor levels.

Sporting 2x TRS/XLR combo inputs, S/PDIF in and out and RCA and TRS outputs making it a versatile little unit. It is bus-powered (USB C) and it can be powered by a conventional wall charger if you don’t have access to your computer but still want to use its high-grade preamps.

Antelope Audio say that the Zen Go’s ultra-linear, console grade preamps offer up to 127dB of headroom and ‘extended detail in the low end’, making it a formidable piece of tech that sits on the same level as some of the greats. The Zen Go also comes with 37 effects (EQs, mic preamps, compressors and so on) which adds even more value to this already impressive piece of tech.

The feature set and addons that Antelope Audio has thrown in make it a worthy contender for the in the top end of town!

Zen Go Synergy Core

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