Arturia Release SQ-80V – Emulation of Classic Ensoniq Hybrid Synth

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Arturia have released SQ-80 V, an emulation of the classic Ensoniq SQ-80 hybridsynthesizer from the late 1980s.  


The SQ-80 was Ensoniq’s follow up to the ESQ-1, both of which combine digital oscillators with an analog filter section. It builds on its predecessor’s capabilitieswith a greatly expanded selection of onboard waveforms ranging from the typical analog style waves, to bright wavetable-esque bells, to cheesy lo-fi drum samples.  

Arturia Release SQ-80V Being a primarily digital synth, the traditional subtractive style architecture goes beyond most polysynths of its time with 3 oscillators, 4 envelopes, 3 LFOs and of course that analog filter, per voice. This software emulation features sixteen voices of polyphony, compared to the original’s eight. 

The combination of all these features as well as the expansive selection of waveforms make for a versatile instrument, capable of timbres ranging from rich and warm, to gritty and lofi, and everything in between. Thanks to the SQ-80 V’s improved interface, building sounds is not only simple, but also a lot of fun. 

Here’s the overview from Arturia’s press release: 

An authentic hybrid 

SQ80 V brings this analog & digital anti-hero back to life in superior detail 

  • 3 DOC digital oscillators 
  • Thousands of possible waveform combinations 
  • Modelled CEM analog filter & amp 
  • Instant modulation via LFOs, envelopes, and more 
  • Analog dispersion offers organic synth experience 

Beyond Ensoniq 

  • Expertly enhanced with extra sounds, features, and functionality for modern producers 
  • Hundreds more waveforms added 
  • Additional arpeggiator, MIDI modulation, and envelope modes 
  • Accessible, streamlined modern workflow 
  • 15 built-in effects with 2 busses 
  • MPE compatibility 

Raw industrial & luscious lo-fi 

Traverse gritty industrial soundscapes and dusty lo-fi textures with the organic digital wavemaker as your vessel – explore our 2 brand new sound banks designed to celebrate SQ80 V’s sound. 

Dust Materials 

Smooth, saturated sounds for the digital lo-fi age 

Soft, tape, saturated, ambient 

Raw Machinery 

Gritty hybrid timbres showing SQ80 V’s industrial side 

Modern, retro, edgy, distorted 

For more info be sure to check out our First Look video above. SQ-80 V is available now via Arturia’s website with a special introductory discount of 50%. It’s also available as a bundle with V Collection 8 with additional discounts for existing customers. 

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