Gear Profile: Blackstar 250 Watt Powered Unity Bass Cab

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As the world of bass pre-amp pedals are growing in popularity as primary sources of front end tone for bassists, Blackstar Amplification have created a product that twins perfectly with this configuration and would easily be a welcome addition to many bass setups. The 250 watt 1 x 15 Unity Bass powered cabinet provides a bass rig that only needs the preamp signal to complete the marriage. The initial purpose of the powered cab was to add an upgrade option to any of the Blackstar Unity range, for example this would give the 30 watt 8’’ option an instant upgrade to 250 watts via the cab link port. An option to keep the EQ you have learned to love and take it to the big stage.

As a standalone unit, you can pair pre amps like Darkglass / Aguilar / Ampeg etc with the cab to get your desired front-end tone at a solid 250 watts. Blackstar have not ignored the primary function of an extension cabinet and provided a standard 4 OHM input for the 1×15 cab. Twin this cab with a powered head to give 250 watts at 4 ohms, simply bypassing the powered element of the cabinet. Another feature of the cab is the ‘Cab Link’ output, this gives you the option to continuously daisy chain these cabs without the hassle of ohmage restrictions. Link 2,3,4,5 cabs?!! All at once for a thunderous bass rig.

Blackstar 250 Watt Powered Unity Bass Cab

Here are the specs…

250 Watts

Custom designed Eminence 15″ Opus speaker

Independent volume control

Combined XLR + ¼” input allowing use with external preamps

Passive ¼” input for use as a standard extension cabinet at 4 ohms

XLR Through connection to chain together multiple Unity active cabinets

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