Eventide Audio Release The Rose Delay/Mod Pedal

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The geniuses at Eventide Audio have created a new and exciting pedal for all your modulated delay needs.

The new Eventide Rose offers a unique take on the delay effects pedal design utilizing classic warmth of analogue bucket brigade technology accompanied with pristine digital delay line for ultimate manipulation and crafting of delay. Because of this unusual grafting of the analogue and digital worlds buried deep within its root system, users can explore sonic possibilities like never before and allow their richest, most imaginative ideas to blossom.

Choose from five available presets and get tactile with the five intuitive knobs which include mix, feedback, depth, delay filter and rate. An invert phase flip button inverts output and input phase for creating even shorter delay times and reverse mode plays delay lines backwards. The multiple modulation source button gives options of sine, square, random, envelope and external and the HotSwitch can be assigned to perform a myriad of tasks from tap tempo, delay repeat, mod hold, mod reset and A/B. Delay times can vary from .01 usec up to 50 seconds, delay for days!

An expression/auxiliary/MIDI TRS input, three different bypass types and being able to accept instrument or line-level sources make this compact pedal a truly versatile, featured packed unit capable of filling any room with lush, sonic perfumes.

Eventide Rose


  • Five customizable factory presets
  • Analog Mix, Low Pass Filter, and Feedback
  • Six tactile knobs: mix, feedback, depth, delay, filter and rate
  • Invert phase flips the output phase with respect to the input phase for short delay times
  • Reverse delay plays the delay line backwards
  • Delay Multiplier increases the delay by either 2x, 3x, 4x or 5x
  • Assignable HotSwitch: Tap Tempo, Delay Repeat, Mod Hold, Mod Reset, A/B)
  • Multiple modulation sources: Sine, Square, Random, Envelope and External
  • Expression / Auxiliary / MIDI TRS input
  • Three different bypass types: Buffered, Relay, Kill Input
  • Accepts Line or Instrument Levels
  • The delay line’s clock can be swept over a wide range with delay time varying from .01 usec to 50 seconds.

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