Free Download: Ableton Live 303 Emulator Rack + Channel Strip

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Roland’s strange little 1980s bass synth/sequencer, the TB-303, spawned an entire movement of dance music called acid house and its sound is still sought after today. It’s a tricky little bugger to reproduce the sound of accurately – the analog oscillators combined with the oddball 18db-ish slope of the filter and the expressive slides and accents on the sequencer made for a unique package. Countless emulations and reproductions have appeared over the years, but we thought we’d take it upon ourselves to build a decent sounding native Ableton Live 10 rack for all your acid needs.

It’s based on the Operator synth with custom drawn-in oscillator waveforms, macros mapped to control the MS2 type filter (based on the Korg MS20 filter), a subtle overdrive and stereo spread.  Combined with the Sting Max For Live acid pattern generator (free download here), we reckon it sounds pretty bang on.

As an added little bonus, we’ve included our channel strip with a low and hi-pass filter, gain, stereo width and glue compressor grouped up. We have this set to be our default rack when creating a new track. To do this, simply start a new track, copy your rack to it then right click on the track title and click ‘save as default audio track.’ This works for MIDI tracks too.

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Please note – this is only compatible with Ableton Live 10

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