Free KORG Poly-800 Plugin Released by Full Bucket Music

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We recently covered Arturia’s new OB-Xa V plugin which recreates and turbocharges one of the most powerful and iconic synths of the 1980s. If you feel like further indulging your retro synthesiser sensibilities, there is another option at your disposal. And it’s 100% free, with the option of a donation to the developer. 

Fury-800 is a CPU and wallet-friendly plugin by German developer Full Bucket Music based on the popular KORG Poly-800 released in 1983. With 8 single DCO voices or 4 voices in double mode, the Poly-800 was a huge hit for Korg. Its success certainly wasn’t hampered by a sub $1000 price, nor the inclusion of guitar strap pins for practical and stylistic riffage delivery. 

The Fury-800 plugin includes everything people loved about the POLY-800 and adds a tonne of extras including optional velocity control and up to 64 voices of polyphony. God mode introduces ‘True’ polyphonic behaviour, improving the original’s paraphonic nature.  

Head to Full Bucket Music’s website for more info and access to the free download of Fury-800 as well as their impressive catalogue of other classic Korg synths such as the Mono/Poly, the Trident MKII and the legendary PS series. 



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