How to Start Your Own Podcast: Essential Gear

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Episode 1: Setting up your studio session with Ableton Live, AKG LYRA microphone and JBL-104BT monitors

This mini-series will help turn your ideas for your podcast or audio content and make them a reality. This first episode covers the essentials and what you need to get to be ready to record and how to set it all up. 

The three essential hardware items required to record and produce your content are :

1. Microphone

We’ve chosen the  AKG LYRA USB Microphone as it records the highest definition audio in its class and comes with the features and software Ableton Live Lite that is also required to record any project and process it to a professional level.

2. Monitors

The JBL 104BTs are compact monitor speakers without a compromise on quality. They come with all the cables required to get started as well as multiple input options including Bluetooth audio streaming. Monitors are required to listen back to recordings to ensure all is working well through speakers and not just headphones.

3. Headphones

The AKG K52 are a staple pair of headphones that are competitively priced and perform very well given the task required. Headphones are used while recording to monitor and catch any mistakes or anomalies as they occur. This will reduce the need to re-record entire segments or episodes, which will ultimately save time.

The next episode we cover basic recording techniques, the features included in the  AKG LYRA and how to get started on recording your content.

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