Korg opsix 2.0 Update Adds ‘Effect’ Operator Mode, 100 New Presets and More

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It’s been a busy past month for Korg’s digital synth team with both wavestate and modwave receiving substantial updates. Now FM fans need no longer feel left out with the release of opsix system software version 2.0. 

The headline feature of this update is an all new ‘Effect’ operator mode, where individual operators can instead operate as effect processors. Depending on your chosen algorithm this allows the processing of individual or groups of operators through one of ten available effects: Peaking EQ, Shelving EQ, Phaser, Short Delay, Comb Filter, Distortion, Drive, Decimator, Waveshaper, Punch.Peaking EQ, Shelving EQ, Phaser, Short Delay, Comb Filter, Distortion, Drive, Decimator, Waveshaper, Punch.

Opsix was already equipped with a variety of powerful operator modes including filter, filter mod, and ring mod, in addition to the many operator waveforms which embellish the traditional FM operator mode. Being able to mix and match modes between the different operator modes combined with the various waveforms provides tremendous scope for sound design (not to mention the 40 preset algorithms and the ability to create your own).

Software version 2.0 also includes the following updates: 

  • Noise Pink and Noise Blue have been added to the list of available oscillator waveforms 
  • Aftertouch is now selectable as a control source for LFOs, EGs, and the Virtual Patch 
  • Aftertouch can now be recorded and played back via the motion sequencer (Available via External MIDI input) 
  • Midi clock sync is now more accurate 

And lastly, 100 new presets have been added for a total of 350. 

Opsix software version 2.0 is available now as a free download via Korg’s website. 


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