Listen: Ableton Whizkid Slynk on Music Production Podcast

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Arguably the most popular Ableton Live tutorial maker on the planet, Slynk (aka Evan Chandler) is the latest guest on the Music Production Podcast run by AfroDJMac. Slynk’s made a name for himself making tutorials utilizing advanced and funky techniques laid out in a clear and classically laid back Australian manner, as well as of course, his extensive back catalogue of music releases and ongoing DJ career.

Evan and I had a pretty wide ranging conversation. I was excited to learn how he makes his music move with so much groove; he shared some great tips. We spoke about his work and touring, as well as how teaching can often be the best way to learn. I found Evan’s overall attitude and approach to work really inspiring. There’s a lot of great info in this episode. Enjoy!


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Or download it via AfroDJMac’s website here

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