My Gear: Joao Goncalves [Orpheus Omega]

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Whether they’re a gear nerd or a gear noob, the type of gear an artist uses has a huge impact on their signature sound. In this regular series called My Gear, Noisegate picks the brains of exciting and diverse artists for a behind-the-scenes scoop on their musical setup…

Joao Goncalves is a masterful aggressive and melodic guitar player and founding member of Death Metal band Orpheus Omega and whose interest is in metal and wanting to jam with friends, which has led to a reputation as a hard working honest and all round great guy.

We chat with Joao to find out what gear is integral to his sound and lots more….

What is your current live rig? Does it differ from your studio setup?

My rig is pretty much the same across live and studio/rehearsal.

What I’m currently using is the following:

2x ESP Guitars Standard Series Eclipses

ESP E-II Horizon III
ESP LTD BK-600 Bill Kelliher Signature Model

D’addario NYXL 12-64 Gauge strings

Line 6 G50 Instrument Wireless systems
Line 6 HELIX Rack and Control

JTS in ear monitoring system
Fender AX6 In-Ear Monitors

DSL straps

Dunlop Tortex T3 1.0 plectrums

SKB Guitar and Rack Cases for touring

Studio guitars also include:

ESP Custom Shop DV8 Dave Mustaine V
ESP Jesper Stromblad Signature EX
ESP LTD AW-7 Alex Wade Signature

My Gear: Joao Goncalves [Orpheus Omega]
Photo By: Shane Henderson

What piece of gear is absolutely integral to your sound and you can’t live without?

This is always a tricky question because so many parts need to come together for it to all gel, that being said I couldn’t see myself doing this without the ESP guitars I currently own. I’m very lucky to have the instruments I have and maintain a great relationship with ESP Australia, who have provided me with several great instruments and great support. Not only do all my guitars feel right the moment I pick them up, but they also sound amazing.

Does gear influence or inspire your song writing & playing?

It doesn’t influence my writing, but it really influences my playing. Having gear that isn’t honest and doesn’t feel or sound right can make it hard to be inspired to play and practice. We all have our own tastes obviously, but I still haven’t found a brand that makes sense like ESP does for me. Attention to detail, quality of build at all price points and reliable instruments that sound as good as they look. You can’t go past a great instrument in wanting to make you play.

My Gear: Joao Goncalves [Orpheus Omega]

Is there a piece of gear that you’d never part ways with?

I would never part-ways with my first ESP Standard Series Eclipse it is an amazing guitar to play, it sounds incredible and it has the best quilt top I’ve ever seen. It was an import series at the time so there weren’t many made of this ilk and I have a story with it to, so that would be the one. I drove out to Bmusic in Adelaide from Melbourne to pick it up, and it hasn’t left me since.

Is there a piece of gear that you’ve regretted selling?

I regret selling any piece of gear, but the one piece I really miss is my ESP Signature Series Michael Amott Ninja V, it was just a great little guitar that I never gave enough love. It’s in good hands but I will get it back. (I swear it, Hayden!)

What’s next on the list?

There’s always gear on the horizon but I would love to take my import series Eclipse to Japan and have a custom build based on it, so I can have two. That however is possibly a few years off. I would love to collaborate with ESP in a build. That would be really cool I would pick that up right away!

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