Native Instruments Release PIANO COLORS, Avant-Garde Software Instrument

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Native Instruments have again collaborated with Galaxy Instruments to release PIANO COLORS, an experimental and highly expressive piano-based Kontakt Instrument. 

Following in the footsteps of their recent Noire instrument, PIANO COLORS utilizes innovative performance and sampling techniques and creative modulation and an inspiring interface to create an instrument that challenges expectations as far as what a sampled piano is sonically capable of. A variety of versatile modules can be combined for rich, evocative textures, and complex movement suited to a wide range of genres and performance/production scenarios.

The instrument’s interface reflects its namesake via four light columns, each of which represents one of the instrument’s sound engine modules. Each module’s level is indicated by its associated column’s width. Two layer modules draw from the extensive sample library at the heart of the instrument, whereby piano strings have been recorded using an unusual array of performance techniques and articulations. To begin with, strings have been bowed, plucked, or struck by objects such as felt picks, EBows, mallets or even toilet brushes (in case you weren’t sold on the avant-garde label). Each layer can also choose from a variety of string attachments including screws, rubbers, and clothes pegs (in a similar fashion to the prepared pianos we discovered in Korg’s Nautilus Workstation).  

PIANO CLOURSThis diverse selection of samples results in a tremendously varied range of timbres, from recognizably piano-esque strikes to ethereal pads and synth like tonesThose EBow derived samples provide a particularly unique set of textures, some of which are further enhanced by a proximate magnet producing additional harmonics. These can be enhanced further via the Noise module which blends in non-pitched timbres, whether they be percussive transients or sustained drones. 

The innovative Particles module derived from the aforementioned Noire works from a similarly diverse set of samples and has seen substantial updates since its last incarnation. This module can produce anything from natural delay like repetitions to thick clouds of synthetic ambience and works wonderfully in conjunction with the arpeggiator for melodic and/or rhythmic.

PIANO COLORS is available for purchase now. Head to Native Instrument’s website for more details: https://www.native-instruments.com/en/products/komplete/keys/piano-colors/

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