New Cabs and Control Options in Firmware Update for Universal Audio OX

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Great news for owners of Universal Audio’s OX Amp Top Box. Firmware version 1.2 has just been released, adding a variety of new speaker cabinet emulations and new rig presets, as well as footswitch control of post effects. All for free! 

A number of players had noticed the lack of Vintage 30 equipped offerings in the OX’s cabinet library, and firmware version 1.2 address this with two new V30 models for both Mesa and Marshall style tones. 

The 5 new cabinets added are: 

  • 4×12 UK VEE 30 for a British flavour 
  • 4×12 CA VEE 125 for a Californian touch 
  • 4×12 GB 30 Greenback equipped British 4×12 offering for classic rock tones 
  • 1×12 JBG 125 and 2×12 JBF for Fender style clean tones 

There are also 20 new rig presets which of course show off the new speaker cab models. 

As well as a powerful studio tool, many players have come to rely on the OX for live performance to get the most out of their valve amps without upsetting any children or small animals with excessive volume. In response to user feedback, it’s now also possible to control the OX’s studio style post effect section via footswitch. 

OX firmware version 1.2 as well as the updated PC/Mac and iPad apps are available to download now. Head to UA’s website for more info: 


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