New Online Service Netgigs is Helping Musicians Live Stream

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A new Australian company has the antidote to the damage that the current crisis is doing to the global music industry! Netgigs is an online service that will help musicians to bring live music to audiences.

This great initiative allows an artist’s live performance to be streamed from a venue or a studio to fans worldwide in high definition video and audio on the Netgigs pay-per-view platform that returns royalties back to the artists where it belongs.

Netgigs founder and Managing Director Joe Ward is a South Australian musician with a professional background in business and technology. He started Netgigs with a mission to provide the ability for artists to reach their fans that couldn’t make it to their live shows for whatever reason (such as rural living, tickets sold out, too young for licensed venues, work/family commitments on the night of the show or limited physical ability making a live concert experience difficult). He also identified that live streaming can be a new way for artists to monetise their music by selling a streaming ticket to their shows.

Ward says “The global music industry is taking, and will continue to take, a massive financial hit due to the Corona Virus for the foreseeable future. Tours and live shows are being cancelled and the economic impact this will have for artists and venues will be catastrophic.”

“Our ground-breaking service will be a major enabler for artists, allowing audiences to continue to experience live music performances from their
lounge-rooms, or wherever they might be, using a mobile device.” He says.

In 2018 Netgigs was introduced to the music industry as a selected participant in the BIGTECH program at BIGSOUND. Being involved in the BIGTECH program opened the way for Netgigs to live stream shows like the Australian National Live Music Awards and other major gigs in Australia and Ireland. Netgigs are now looking to assist national and international bands to reach their fans throughout this time of uncertainty and help them to generate much-needed income to ensure their future.

“We also want to help music industry workers through this economic downturn by donating a percentage of online ticket sales to organisations like
Support Act, who are dedicated to providing support to artists, crew and other industry workers who are affected by the show cancellations” says Ward.

Joe and the Netgigs team can be contacted via email at contact@netgigs.com

Visit the Website for more info: https://www.netgigs.com/en

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