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With everything in the Ableton store currently on sale for 20% off, it’s an excellent time to expand your library with some premium Ableton Live packs. Sharing samples, racks and completely custom Max For Live instruments and effects has long been a staple of the Ableton community, but only the crème de la crème get the tick of approval from Ableton to sell their creations via the official website. Here’s a few packs that we reckon are standouts.

Designed by Coldcut (aka Matt Black and Jonathan More) and inspired by Steve Reich’s seminal ‘Music for 18 Musicians’, MidiVolve is a Max For Live arpeggiator, riff generator and pattern sequencer that automatically ‘evolves’ live or imported MIDI patterns into new riffs, melodies and grooves


Geisterwelt is a spectral sampler and visualiser. With control over multiple audio and video parameters, Geisterwelt lets you simultaneously create music and responsive HD video. Even the smallest musical fragments contain a world of sound – just drop a sample into Geisterwelt to see a graphic representation of its harmonic spectrum. Geisterwelt divides up this spectrum into individual slices that can be played and automated with spectacular results.

Dub Machines

Dub Machines is a pair of expertly designed Max for Live devices – Magnetic and Diffuse – that reproduce and expand on the sound of classic tape and analog delays. With vintage character, extensive control and deep sound-shaping capabilities, Dub Machines is ready to take any sound into space. Magnetic is based on the most beloved tape delays of the 1970s, while Diffuse is an interesting and very lush reverb/delay hybrid, complete with a sidechain-style pump effect.

Dark Synth

Dark Synth is an innovative Max for Live synthesiser that marries the vast possibilities of additive synthesis with an intuitive interface. A unique feature of Dark Synth is the capability to create up to 128 detuned and phase-shifted copies of all 2048 partials. This vast ‘choir’ of oscillators creates a deep and natural chorus effect. Dark Synth excels when it comes to generating strange and otherworldly sounds. Filtering and distorting waveforms at the spectral level will open up a world of experimental possibility.

Transient Machines

Think of Transient Machines as a type of contrast dial for your sounds, you have the ability to easily punch up the attack on your snares and claps, shorten the decay on boomy kick drums and toms, or just creatively sculpt the transient properties of all types of audio. If the like the look of Live 10’s new drum buss but wish it had more power, Transient Machines is for you.


Iota is a Max For Live granular looping instrument that wrings endless creative potential out of even the simplest samples, via an inspiring graphically-driven interface. You start by dragging a source sample into Iota from Live or your operating system – a beat, a vocal, a pad, a found sound – and selecting a region within it to be rendered as a continuous stream of tiny slices. Create lots of small loops to atomise and reimagine a percussion clip, for example, or a few larger ones to carve an orchestral string section up into a scintillating multi-dimensional ambience.

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