Reason 12 Released With New Mimic Sampler and Updated Combinator

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Reason Studios (formally Propellerhead) have released version 12 of their long running music production software Reason. The update brings a revamped Combinator device with a customizable interface, new high-resolution graphics, and the previously unveiled Mimic Creative Sampler.  

The update was first announced earlier this year and some features such as the Mimic Sampler have already been available to customers of the Reason+ subscription service. Now the whole suite of features are available to both Reason+ and Reason customers. 

Here are the details from Reason Studios’ press release: 

“Updating the Combinator is one of our top feature requests ever, for good reason. Whether you love designing powerful device-like patches or just want more sounds, this update really levels up the Reason Rack. We have already seen some super creative patches from the Reason community, and I can’t wait to see more,” says Mattias Häggström Gerdt, Product Manager at Reason Studios. 

The release of Reason 12 also includes a long-awaited graphics update. All Reason Rack devices are now shown in full HD and automatically scale to the size ideal for any monitor’s resolution and pixel density, with custom zoom to suit any workflow. The update also applies to every third-party Rack Extension add-on ever made. 

Earlier this summer Reason Studios announced its new premium instrument— Mimic Creative Sampler— as a part of the Reason 12 roll out. Today’s release completes the roll out of Reason 12. 

“We try to create an inspiring, rich, and immediate music making experience and I’m proud to say we did that and more. With all features of Reason 12 now released, I’m eager to hear new music from our users,” said Mattias Häggström Gerdt. 

Reason 12 features: 

  • Powerful virtual instrument rack plugin and standalone music production software 
  • Runs in any DAW as a VST, AU, and AAX Plugin 
  • 18 premium instruments 
  • 29 audio effects 
  • 12 MIDI effects and utilities 
  • Sound Bank with tens of thousands of device presets, loops and samples 
  • Expandable Rack of instruments and effects with third-party Rack Extension devices 
  • Easy to get started, yet as deep as you want to go. Reason quickly gets the sound you need but lets you go deep in building your own multi-instrument and effect dream creations 
  • With Reason’s custom cabling on the back of the Rack and its advanced Combinator device, you are free to explore, tweak and sound like you.  

Reason 12 is available to purchase from http://www.reasonstudios.com/ for $399 USD, with upgrades available from $129 USD.

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