Roland Reveal VR-1HD AV Streaming Video Mixer

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Roland unveil its new VR-1HD Audio-Visual Streaming Mixer, a compact ‘plug and play’ broadcast studio that allows users to connect, mix and stream cameras, presentations and gameplay easily. Just plug into a USB 3.0 port and you’re good to go.

The VR-1HD has triple HDMI inputs that accept both HD and computer video resolutions from a variety of sources, even from smartphones, tablet, and consoles. According to Roland, the VR-1HD offloads CPU intensive tasks like video switching, so you can expect smoother gameplay and better-quality streams.

Roland Release VR-1HD AV Streaming Video Mixer

There are three separate Auto Switching modes that will select the active camera input based on what is happening on-screen. The Video Follows Audio mode will switch angles based on who is speaking into the microphone, or can remain in a static wide shot if more than one person is speaking at the same time. Streamers can also switch camera angles manually and place them anywhere on the screen at any size. Beat Sync Switching will automatically choose the input based on the tempo of the audio. Auto Scan lets streamers pre-set a specific time for switching between sources, and is best for extended life streams without an operator.Roland Release VR-1HD AV Streaming Video Mixer

The VR-1HD is also an audio mixer, with dedicated volume controls for both XLR microphone inputs and single line input. Similar to the Auto Switching modes, streamers can also set audio priorities to reduce or eliminate competing sounds while maintaining balanced sounds. It also comes with pro-level tools like sound equalizers and compressors, even voice transformers for a little fun.Roland Release VR-1HD AV Streaming Video Mixer

You can find the entire spec list and more information regarding additional features on the Roland website.


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