Tutorial: Arturia’s KeyStep 37 Chord Function (and Why it’s Great!)

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The Arturia KeyStep 37 was released earlier this year with some really excellent new features, expanding the functionality of the already very popular KeyStep base model. Something I’ve personally really been enjoying is the wonderfully simple-but-powerful chord and strum feature, so here’s a little tutorial outlining how it works and why it’s great.

The Velocity > Notes control over your chord is of particular note, allowing you to expressively control how many notes are in your chord via how hard you push the key. I’m not aware of another controller that offers a feature like this — certainly not in this budget-friendly price bracket anyway! Combined with the excellent sequencer, velocity and aftertouch enabled keybed, control voltage connections and assignable MIDI control knobs, the KeyStep 37 is a phenomenal little controller.

Arturia KeyStep 37, Expect to pay AUD$300-$350, MAP USD$169

Find your Australian Arturia retailer here

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