Arturia Announces the Minibrute 2 with more new products to come

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This morning french synth stalwarts Arturia announced the Minibrute 2; a revised version of their original studio-staple Minibrute. At first glance the Minibrute 2 looks impressive. It features a 48-point fully Eurorack compatible patchbay making it a legitimate semi-modular system. The extensive patchbay builds upon the limited CV/Gate options on the original Minibrute and  is a welcome addition given the burgeoning popularity of Eurorack modular systems. In addition to the patchbay, the Minibrute 2  includes hybrid step-sequencer and arpeggiator inherited from Arturia’s Keystep devices.

The Minibrute 2 represents an increase in versatility and power when compared to its predecessor. According to Arturia “the MiniBrute 2 shares many of the same iconic features that made its predecessor such a success, including mixable oscillators, the acidic Steiner-Parker filter, and the chaotic Brute Factor. While keeping many of its signature elements, the tone-shaping potential of MiniBrute 2 has been almost exponentially increased.”  This is exemplified by a new a 2-VCO architecture with waveform mixing and wave shaping. It also includes an AD envelope in addition to an ADSR envelope; the default routings of which may be patched to various locations via the patchbay. Further, the Minibrute 2 comes with two onboard LFOs with 6 waveforms each.

Arturia have informed us that the new brute will implement Arturia Link; a way to connect synths without MIDI. More information on the Link system and how it integrates with other devices will be released shortly.

Check out the promotional video as well as an early review by Loopop below.

Arturia Announce the Minibrute 2 with more new products to come
Arturia Announce the Minibrute 2 with more new products to come

Judging by the Arturia website it looks as though there are more products to come. The site states “Come back tomorrow, we’ve got more exciting news. ‘Save the best ‘til last’, as the saying goes.” We can only speculate as to what we can expect from the synth manufacturer, rackmount version perhaps?  At least we wont have to wait long to find out. Stay tuned.



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