Arturia Unveil MiniBrute 2S

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Yesterday Arturia revealed the MiniBrute 2 and somewhat cryptically hinted at other products to come. We speculated that is may be a some kind variation of the MiniBrute 2 and as it turns out we were right! Introducing the Minibrute 2S.

Under the hood is the same synth engine as the MiniBrute 2,  featuring the same 2-VCO architecture with waveform mixing and shaping, 48-point fully Eurorack compatible patchbay, ADSR envelope, an AD envelope and two onboard LFOs with 6 waveforms each – all of which may be patched to various locations via the patchbay.

The point of difference is the MiniBrute 2S does away with the keys in favour of an advanced 64-step, triple-layer monophonic step-sequencer, with an additional 2 envelopes and LFOs. This means you can control your notes with one track, and use the other 2 to sequence parameters like gates, CV, LFOs, and envelopes. This can be done in real-time, or by step-editing. The sequencer is also able to output CV so that it can be used to sequence external Eurorack systems.

These are expected to arrive in Australia in February. For more information visit: www.arturia.com

Check out Loopop’s video rundown on all the features below

Arturia Unveil Minibrute 2s Rackmount System


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