Arturia Unveil Limited Edition MatrixBrute Noir

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Fans of Arturia hardware are likely familiar with the company’s fondness for limited edition colour runs, with their black variants being extremely popular. The colourway treatment is typically reserved for the more affordable of their hardware products, that being MIDI controllers and sequencers, which is what makes their latest announcement especially eye catching.

Arturia Unveil Limited Edition MatrixBrute NoirMatrixBrute Noir is an all-black MatrixBrute; so black paint job, custom black knobs, pitch and mod wheels, end panels, the whole kit. It’s offset by white legending and several faders and knobs, with a splash of colour applied to the Steiner filter section and its routing indicators. The whole thing looks stunning, and it’s all the more impressive knowing this is a seriously high-end analog monosynth. (We appreciate a black KeyStep as much as the next person, but this something else.)

These really deserve to be seen up close to truly appreciate and we were lucky enough to get our hands on one to try out. In case you also need a reminder of how incredible these synths sounds, we’ll have a video for you as soon as our local government re-evaluates the ‘people per square meter‘ regulations currently in place because I can’t lift this thing by myself.

Assuming you’re not in lockdown and your local music shop is open for business, be sure to check this one out for yourself. If you can only justify one triple oscillator analog monosynth purchase this financial year, MatrixBrute Noir is absolutely worth a look.

In stores now, expect to pay $3999.00


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