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We recently spoke to frontman Tim Gauci from Melbourne based HEAVY METAL Band PRIMITIVE about recording their debut EP and their future plans.

Tell us a little bit about the PRIMITIVE, how you all met, how long you have been together, what are your influences?

The band started in 2016. It consists of Lachlan Barnes (drums), Frank Ortisi (guitar), Flynn Barnes (bass) & I (guitar/vocals).

Frank, Lachlan and I all met in school at an early age and have played music together since we were 15-16 years old. Flynn (also Lachlan’s brother) came to the band after we wrote the EP to fill a bass position.

Influences vary between members, but some of our influences as a band include Lamb of God, Trivium, Machine Head, Gojira & Mastodon.


Who are the main songwriters in the band?

Usually a guitar riff from Frank or I will spark a new song. We’ll have full songs written for drums and bass to write with and go from there.


Tell us a little about your debut EP, how and where was it recorded?

We went to Chris Themelco from Monolith Studios. We spent 2 days recording drums, a day for each guitar and bass, then a couple days of vocals. It was all a very smooth process, we had the songs well prepared and Chris did an amazing job keeping everything going smoothly.

Chris is the guru for metal. He does a great job in matching the tones and moods for different songs and sections. We couldn’t be happier with the end result!


What gear do you use?

I’ve always used ESP Guitars, I’ve been a fan of ESP since I started learning guitar. My main guitar is an ESP Eclipse I equipped Seymour Duncan Nazgul/Sentient pickups, in a silver Sunburst finish. Very classy!

When it comes to amps, I use an EVH 5150III 50w head and Mesa Boogie 2×12 cabinet. My pedal board is super simple; I only use a KHDK No.1 Overdrive and an ISP Decimator to reduce noise.


What are your plans in the next 12 months?

We’re going to keep doing shows and write more music for either another EP or album. We have some accomplishments we’d love to tick off the list like some great support slots, more interstate shows so we’ll work hard and see how it all goes!


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