Blackstar Release Dept. 10 Range – Three New Valve Driven Guitar Pedals

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Blackstar Amplification, known for their innovative design and feature set, has just released its new ‘Dept.10’ pedal range! Dept. 10 offers three valve-driven ECC83 (commonly known as 12AX7) pedals that provide the natural and dynamic tone you’d expect from a high-powered valve amplifier, combined with connectivity perfect for the modern player.

The three Dept.10 models include Boost, Dual Drive and Dual Distortion. The Boost has a Class A gain stage and the iconic James-Baxandall EQ, giving your amplifier a whole new range of saturation and warmth. The Dual Drive and Distortion pedals not only have two channels but two voices in each one; giving guitarists all the tone you need in one unit. They have a three-band EQ, Blackstar’s patented ISF (a tone stack EQ knob for American & UK tone characteristics) and connectivity like USB, XLR Cab Rig output and headphones out.


Blackstar Release DEPT. 10 Range


Dual Drive & Distortion pedals include Cab Rig, Blackstar’s next-gen DSP speaker simulator that reproduces the sound, feel and ambience of a mic’d guitar cabinet in amazing detail. Use the USB connection to edit your cabinet sound for headphone practice, recording directly into your DAW or plugging into the front-of-house at the gig.

Blackstar Release DEPT. 10 Range

Dual Drive

Blackstar Release DEPT. 10 Range

Dual Distortion

The Dual format pedals both include an effects loop to conveniently integrate with your signal chain, and all run off a 9V 500ma external power supply which is super handy if you’re running multiple pedals on your pedalboard using the same power.

The great thing about these pedals is their versatility. Whether you’re just starting out and want to quietly practice and experiment with different tones, record directly into your DAW of choice or you are a seasoned musician who records and plays live, these pedals will suit all.

Blackstar Release DEPT. 10 RangeAvailable now through your authorized Blackstar Australia Dealer:

Blackstar Release DEPT. 10 RangeExpect to Pay: 

Dual Distortion & Dual Drive Pedals: $479.00
Boost Pedal: $299.00

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