Blackstar Unity Pro Amp System: Bass Has a New Face

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The new Blackstar Amplification Unity Bass amps are on their way to Australia in May! We have been fortunate enough to get a quick insight into what tones can be achieved with these new Bass amps.

There are 5 models in the Blackstar Unity Pro Bass Amplifier series from the Unity 30 watt small combo through to the U500, the 500 watt with a 2 x 10″ speaker cabinet combo. What is even more exciting is the UNITY U250ACT 1×15” active cabinet which allows you to add 250 Watts of extra stage power to any UNITY Combo or Pre-Amp of your choice.

These Unity Bass Series of amps are so adaptable to your playing style that they allow you to choose from 3 different voices.

On offer is the Classic voicing for that valve-inspired growl with vintage EQ, the Modern voice with high-headroom dynamics and advance EQ and the Flat voicing for as titled is totally flat, clean and transparent.

Check out this video, highlighting the 3 available voices with different playing styles.

Thank to Blackstar Amps Australia.

For more info: Blackstar Unity Pro Bass System

Blackstar Unity Bass has a New Face

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