Busting Out the JBL EON ONE PRO

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Good friend, band mate and general song writing wizard Son of Animal caught up with Andy from Noisegate the other day to go over some songs. We had recently acquired the new JBL EON ONE PRO to try out and we wanted to put it through its paces. What better way to test out this all in one PA system than taking it to the streets for a busking session in the midst of a bitter Melbourne winter. Great idea! We thought so too. 

The great thing about this unit is the portability and that it came accompanied with a transporter bag, which has solid casters on the base to wheel this unit around. Made us question why we hadn’t installed casters on the thirty plus kilo combo amp at home, we couldn’t imagine taking this unit out without the bag.

The biggest thing this unit has going for it though is that it’s battery powered! Boasting a battery life of 6 hours at full power, more than enough to get anybody through a gig or busking session. This was especially useful for us moving from several different locations with no access to power, thumbs up!

Busting Out the JBL EON ONE PRO

As for the overall performance and sound quality, the EON ONE PRO was mighty impressive. We were running a couple of vocal microphones, acoustic guitar and another mic for percussion with connectivity to spare. Phantom power is available for connecting condenser mics or active DI’s and Hi-Z inputs for plugging in guitars direct. You can also stream music via Bluetooth and mount a tablet on the nifty built in stand. Oh, and did we mention you can even charge your phone via the USB power hub, this thing really has it all.

Not only is the EON ONE PRO perfectly suited for busking purposes but for a myriad of other applications. It’s got more than enough guts to keep up with most band rehearsals, café gigs and DJ sets. Perfect for schools whether it’s out on the sports field or at the local fete. A great companion for marriage celebrants, spruikers and gym class instructors too. Imagine hearing some thumping tunes through this for your 6am pump class. More energy!

Busting Out the JBL EON ONE PRO
Busting Out the JBL EON ONE PRO
Busting Out the JBL EON ONE PRO
Busting Out the JBL EON ONE PRO

This unit really got us inspired and totally held its own. It was also a big head turner of many passers-by. So much so, the staff at The Herbert Café (where we playing outside of) had do an Instagram story on us. Now affectionally dubbed the “Electric Giraffe” by Son of Animal, the EON ONE PRO is one very impressive portable all in one PA system. We’d expect to see a lot more of these around soon, We know we’ll be using one at any given opportunity.

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