Create Ableton Live Instruments from Images with Image2Wavetable

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Have you ever thought what a graphic image could possibly sound like?  With the upcoming Ableton Live 10.1 and its updated user-generated Wavetable synth device, it is possible to add your own custom wavetables to “Wavetable” using any suitable audio file. You can now get a free Max for Live device for making sound materials – where you can make your wavetables from images and create your own synth.

There is now a free device that makes wavetables for you, Image2Wavetable and as the name suggests, it generates wavetable samples from image data. This means if you’re handy with graphics software, you can also make visual patterns that generate interesting wavetables.

Ableton WavetableCreate Ableton Live Instruments from Images with Image2Wavetable

Image2Wavetable is the creation of Dillon Bastan and Carlo Cattano – looks like a lot of fun and the workflow is really very simple, just drag and drop an image but note some transparent background PNGs won’t work, so save them as jpegs.

Image2Wavetable DeviceCreate Ableton Live Instruments from Images with Image2Wavetable

Anyone running the 10.1 open Beta can try this out for themselves

Ableton 10.1

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