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Perhaps you’re heard of Korg’s NTS-1 synthesiser, or it’s similarly Multi-Engine equipped brethren, minilogue xd and prologue. Hell, if you’re reading this article there’s a good chance you own one of these bad boys. If you do, and you’re yet to explore the growing number of 3rd party oscillators and effects cunningly prepared by crafty devs like Sinevibes (such as these and these), I strongly encourage you to do so. Right now. I’ll wait…..

This wonderful world of custom synthesiser content is all possible thanks to the ‘logue SDK’, a Software Development Kit made publicly available by Korg to endlessly expand the sonic-scope of the above-mentioned synths. The fact that this list of compatible synths extends all the way down to the ridiculously affordable NTS-1 means the market for custom developed oscillators and effects is expanding rapidly and there are already tons to explore, but why stop there? Ever thought of building your own?

If you’ve one of the many NTS-1 owners out there, then congratulations. You’re a bona fide synth DIY enthusiast and an ideal candidate for such an aural endeavour. Sure, the notion of C/C++ coding isn’t going to bring a great deal of comfort to a no doubt sizable portion of the greater synth enthusiast population, but the process may be more accessible than you thought.

To pursue this point, Korg has initiated a series of articles in collaboration with Japanese plugin developers DOTEC-Audio. The aim here is to make the creation of custom ‘logue SDK’ content as painless as possible for the general public. (That’s you! And me!)

Find articles here:

In true cinematic fashion, these articles are being released in episodic format, one at a time over a number of weeks. At the time of writing this article, we’re two articles in. Article #1 kicked things off with a pair of free effects for you to download and explore, and Article #2 lets you know everything you need to get started building your own content.

Be sure to keep checking in over the following weeks for the remaining articles from Korg and DOTEC-Audio and you’ll be DIY’ing yourself to oscillator ecstasy in no time.

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