Dreadbox Announce Analogue 8 Oscillator DIY Eurorack Module with Reverb Tank

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Greek boutique synth and effects manufacturer Dreadbox, has introduced a new Eurorack modular kit overnight, aimed at modular enthusiasts wanting to dip their toes into the DIY world. The Antiphon is quite unique, featuring 8 analogue sine wave oscillators, separate low pass and high pass filters, and an included spring reverb tank.

8 oscillators through a single VCA and filter bank might seem a little strange, but each oscillator can be patched out, and oscillators 7 and 8 are full range — meaning they can be used as LFOs. There is also an external input that can utilize guitar-level signals, so you can use it as a reverb unit, tremelo, filter, overdrive and more.

There’s quite a lot of creative possibilities on the Antiphon, particularly when used with other modular gear. 8 oscillators with volume sliders and individual CV pitch control going into a spring reverb practically screams for ambient soundscapes, but there’s also a lot of dissonant possibilities with using sine waves to frequency modulate other sine waves for bell-like tones and other weirdness.

This is a single run of limited edition units priced at €165, with everything needed for the build included. Keep in mind, this is a Eurorack module, so you need a powered rack to use it.

Info and ordering here – dreadbox-fx.com/antiphon/

There’s also a handful of blurred out modules in the video below, more to come maybe? Here’s hoping!

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