Important Info from KORG, Native Instruments & Ableton About Upcoming macOS Catalina

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Apple’s macOS 10.15 Catalina update is due to arrive in October, and despite being packed full exciting interface and functionality enhancements, the underlying framework alterations can adversely affect compatibility with (and thus negate your ability to use) the music production software and hardware that you know and love. 

Apple will no doubt do their best to persuade you to hit that update button on day 1, although it may be worth holding off for a little while. Here’s what KORG, Native Instruments and Ableton have to say on the subject.


“We are excited about macOS Catalina and iOS13 from Apple Inc. and we are currently testing all KORG products to be compliant for these OS and will confirm compliance dates for each KORG product as soon as possible. Now, some products will not work with the new OS. Until we have confirmed compliance, we advise waiting until all devices and applications have been tested before updating.

The products that we have detected problems with.* (as of September 11, 2019)

– KORG USB-MIDI Driver (Each product that uses it)

– microKEY Air (It cannot connect to iOS 13 device via BLE-MIDI)

– nanoKEY Studio (It cannot connect to iOS 13 device via BLE-MIDI)

– nanoKONTROL Studio (It cannot connect to iOS 13 device via BLE-MIDI)

– KORG Collection for Mac/PC (Stand-alone version)

– KROME Editor / Plug-In Editor

– KROSS Editor / Plug-In Editor

– KROSS2 Editor / Plug-In Editor

– KRONOS Editor / Plug-in Editor

– AudioGate 4

– AudioGate Recording Studio

– DS-DAC-10R

Unsupported products:

– DS-DAC-10 (DS-DAC Driver will not support for macOS Catalina)

– DS-DAC-100 (DS-DAC Driver will not support for macOS Catalina)

– DS-DAC-100m (DS-DAC Driver will not support for macOS Catalina)

– microX/X50 Editor / Plug-In Editor

– M3 Editor / Plug-In Editor

– M50 Editor / Plug-In Editor

– PS60 Editor / Plug-In Editor

– microStation Editor / Plug-In Editor”

Native Instruments

“To ensure your Native products work the way they should, we recommend waiting to update. We’re working on making our software fully compatible with macOS 10.15. In the meantime check here for updates.


“Live 10 is not officially compatible with Catalina. However, we are currently testing a Catalina-compliant version of Live 10 on Centercode (our beta software platform).

Live 9 is not compatible with Catalina as it contains certain components which are no longer supported on macOS 10.15. The last officially supported version of macOS with Live 9 is macOS 10.13 (High Sierra). See our dedicated article: Live 9 is not compatible with macOS 10.15 Catalina.

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