Flock Audio Expand their Patch System with Digitally Controlled Analogue Patchbays

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Pro Audio trailblazers Flock Audio have already been turning heads with their Patch system, a revolutionary digitally controlled analogue patchbay with accompanying Patch App. In 2020, Patch is getting an extension to the family with the Patch LT and Patch XT, making this revolutionary patchbay system more accessible to both smaller studio spaces and larger commercial facilities, in just a single unit.

For those not already familiar with Flock Audio and Patch, this unique system maintains a completely analogue signal path between all of your connected analogue equipment, but the convenience and flexibility that digital control has to offer. What this allows for is lightening fast creating, storage and recalling of signal paths through to more complex multi capabilities. DB-25 connectors are located on the back for all your gear connections and communication to the Patch App for configuring your system is made via USB (or CAT5 ethernet connector on Patch XT) to either an OSX or Windows host system. On the front of each unit are a pair of XLR / 1/4” inputs and a pair of XLR (M) outputs. This allows for instant connection to microphones (and yes 48V phantom power is provided for condensers) to quickly patch into a selected signal path or for auditioning other external gear not already connected to the system. Very cool and convenient.

Both Patch LT and Patch XT are said to offer the same features and integration as the original Patch System, just in different form factors depending on your patching requirements. The Patch LT has 32-point connections (16/16) and the Patch XT 192 points (96/96) with multiple systems able to be expanded together if required.

This family of products is really taking patching to a whole other level and very much takes care of the demands of engineers, mixers and producers in 2020. Fast workflow, advanced routing with instant recall without the hassle and maintenance requirements of physical patchbays and cables, what more could you ask for! We’re excited and will be keeping an eye out for these landing in Australia later in the year.

Flock Audio expand their Patch System with

Flock Audio expand their Patch System with

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