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Dorian Concept (born Oliver Thomas Johnson) is a self-taught Austrian multi-instrumentalist composer, producer, and keyboard artist, whose work draws on an eclectic variety of sources including modal and free jazz, funk, hip-hop, and electronic, ambient, and soundscape music.

Johnson adopted his stage name as a teenager as a reference to the Dorian scale and there is certainly an element of playfulness and wonder that can be heard in his music. His trademark instrument for production and performance has been the MicroKORG synthesiser and during solo live sets, he has used the Ableton LIVE software to play his tracks and improvises over them on the MicroKORG or manipulates them with the MicroKORG or the tools available on various DJ consoles.

Which takes us to his music product YouTube Videos under the moniker of “yorktownrecreation”. We’ve seen him recently “Fooling around” on the new KORG minilogue xd and in the past on the iconic microKORG, the Yamaha Reface CS, and the Casio SA-21 just to name a few. These videos have a certain charm and musicality to them that we just had to share with you…

Here are some of our favourites:

Of course, Dorian Concept has released original compositions with titles such as “The Nature of Imitation”, “Ping Pong Song” and “Dead Ends” which you can find via his Bandcamp page.

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