Sync All The Gear With The Missing Link, A Wireless Ableton Link Hub & Clock Generator

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The programming wizards at Circuit Happy have just released a software update to The Missing Link, their wireless Ableton Link to clock gadget, adding the functionality to output MIDI clock as well as analogue clock sync. Initially designed to sync modular gear with Ableton and Ableton Link compatible iOS apps (like Korg Gadget), The Missing Link now positions itself as a Swiss army knife of wireless syncing — able to wirelessly sync standard MIDI drum machines, analogue clock gear and Ableton Link apps all at the same time. Pretty snazzy for producers that have hardware and software with a range of different clock connections. 

The Missing Link acts a master clock, so all devices, across the wireless network and connected via hardware connection, sync to it. You control tempo via the encoder or the tap-tempo. Of course, you do need a wireless network for The Missing Link to function, but with a little patience, setting up an offline ad-hoc device-to-device network should be possible if you were wanting to take this to the live stage.

The device features a Micro USB connection for MIDI clock, so an adapter is needed to provide a female standard USB input for USB MIDI compatible devices, or a class compliant USB MIDI interface for your standard DIN style plug MIDI gear.

Check out the Circuit Happy site for more info.

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