Hologram’s Creative New Microcosm Shows What a Multi-FX Pedal can be in 2020

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Hologram Electronics have released details on a new pedal called Microcosm that looks to raise the bar on what’s achievable with a single FX pedal. At its core, the Microcosm features 11 effects and a phrase looper. These aren’t simply 11 different types of delay or reverb though, they’re divided into four categories: Micro-Loop, Granules, Glitch and Multidelay.

Hologram are actually being cute and shy when they say 11 effects though, because there looks to be a resonant low-pass filter, vibrato modulation and a stereo reverb (with 4 reverb styles) on the end of the signal chain as well. Plus there’s the ability to reverse the signal, route the looper before or after the effects section, sync it to MIDI clock, save presets – and the list goes on. So really, this is an absolute monster of sound mangling possibilities.

Hologram have really stepped up to the plate that Chase Bliss Audio have been championing with pedals like the MOOD and Blooper, the bigger format pedal and more controls might be more appealing for a lot of people though.


  • 11 unique granular and looping effects with 44 preset variations
  • Stereo Input/Output
  • Expression Input, mappable to many controls
  • MIDI In/Out/Thru, clock synchronization
  • 60 sec. Phrase Looper with many configuration options
  • 16 User Preset slots for saving loops and settings
  • Stereo Reverb (with 4 reverb styles)
  • “Hold” sampler function to freeze effects and patterns
  • Adjustable Pitch Modulation
  • Resonant Lowpass Filter
  • Choose between True Bypass Switching / Buffered Bypass with trails
  • Tap Tempo

Unfortunately their video demo can’t be embedded into our website, so head to their website here and check it out! Pre-orders are up now with shipping slated for April.

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