Just Sounds: Can the Korg Volca Bass Chill?

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Back in 2013, Korg released the first of their now extensive Volca line, the Bass, Keys and Beats. People went crazy for them, and they’re still very popular today. Back then I was making a lot of techno, so the Volca Bass was super appealing — a 3 x analogue VCO acid box for a very budget friendly price — absolute madness! These days, I’ve mellowed out a bit and mostly enjoy making ambient soundscapes. So I thought i’d dust off my old Volca Bass and see if I can get it to ~chill~ with me.

Since I’m here writing this article, the answer’s obviously yes, it can chill. Like all analogue synths, it absolutely shines with some reverb/delay and the Volca Bass has a couple of nice tricks up its sleeve too!

Check out the video below, and there’s a pic of my settings at the bottom of the page too. Enjoy!


Excuse the dust and grime, this little fella’s been through a lot!

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