Maschine MK3 is Available From Today! Here’s Our First Impressions

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Native Instruments’ Maschine has just had it’s biggest update since it’s inception in 2009, and from today Maschine MK3 is available in stores Australia wide. Noisegate went along to the Australian product launch in Melbourne last night, where Martin from Native Instruments’ Berlin HQ and local Maschine product specialist Leroy Amphlett showed us why this is their strongest product yet.

Unlike the MK2, This is a complete hardware redesign. And the first thing you notice looking at the new unit is NI have really…really stepped up their game in the build quality department. Two full-colour hi-res screens, button functions written directly on the laser etched buttons, bigger pads, encoders that also act like a kind of joystick – clicking up/down/left/right..it just looks very impressive, easily on par with the other big German software controller. Or to quote Martin from NI, “before Maschine was like a good solid car, nice enough..reliable. But now it’s an Audi.”

Leroy did a five minute performance demonstrating all the new functions and workflow improvements, of which there are many. Features like the browser system that was previously reserved for the flagship Maschine Studio model have made their way to MK3, as well as features from the Maschine Jam like the Lock function – a quick recall of saved parameters. Then there’s the vast array of improvements, like dedicated buttons for Keys mode, Chord mode, Step mode and Fixed Velocity mode amongst others. No longer do you have to menu dive to reach these functions. Helluhleujah.

New Additions include an inbuilt audio interface that somehow still runs when USB powered. What witchcraft NI have employed to get two screens, a heap of lights and an audio interface all working via USB power I couldnt tell you, but it makes Maschine a pretty amazing one stop shop for making music. Not to mention, amazing for playing live where an audio interface is usually another thing you need to bring. Elsewhere there’s the new touch-strip, with dedicated buttons giving you control over what it effects. Some of you might remember the touch strip arpeggiators on Korg’s old Electribes – this is a similar deal, but operates as a mod wheel, pitch bend and whatever else you feel like.

The new Maschine is a massive step up. This humble MK1 user will definitely be upgrading as soon as possible. Enough of me raving about it though, get the full rundown of the new features and improvements from old mate Boris from NI below. Or go check it out instore from today!

Or check it out on their website.

USB-powered built-in, pro-grade 96 kHz / 24-bit audio interface

Dedicated buttons means no more menu diving.


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