minilogueEDIT Adds Morph to your Korg Minilogue

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Since its release in early 2016, the Korg Minilogue has become a favourite of studio musicians, producers, and gigging keyboardists worldwide thanks to its amazing range of sound, ease of programming, and compact size. However, one area that was initially overlooked was a computer-based editor for the Minilogue. Enter Julien Eres, who released The minilogueEDIT software editor in early 2017, which provides an excellent GUI for editing parameters.

minilogueEDIT has just received its first major update – V1.1.0 which intoducers a host of new features and bugfixes. Perhaps the biggest new feature is Morph – the ability to morph between two patches.

Watch the following video to see and hear it in action.

minilogueEdit is available as a VST and standalone for Mac and PC. Logic Pro X users will need to use the standalone version or a wrapper VST to AU host.

minilogueEDIT is donationware. Paying for the software removes a startup popup, but you can still download it for free if you prefer.  You can download it here.

minilogueEDIT V1.1.0: New Features

  • Added morphing feature
  • Added category and author fields
  • Custom file format to handle new custom fields and morphing data
  • Added “Write to” button in sound editor to write current buffer into sound bank
  • Sound bank list fields editable
  • Added Import SysEx in File menu


  • Default patch is the same as factory “Init Program”
  • Add warning message on sound bank and global transmit button

Bug fixes

  • Fix Global transmission after changing MIDI channel
  • Update Favorite program’s name when library is updated
  • Fix rare VST crash
  • Fix windows hidden behind main window in OSX

minilogueEdit 1.0 Features

  • The virtual layout mirrors the hardware
  • You can use it to edit motion sequence data
  • You can fully edit the 16 steps sequencer, including the 4 motions
  • You can name your own presets. (Something the Korg librarian lacks)
The sequencer in minilogueEDIT
The sequencer in minilogueEDIT
The Sound Bank editor in minilogueEDIT
The Sound Bank editor in minilogueEDIT

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