Modal Release Free AlgoRhythms Library for COBALT

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Modal Electronics have established a strong reputation for their range of powerful digital synthesizers. They also continue to support their product line through a variety of free content such as live streamed tutorials, and of course patch libraries. These serve as a valuable source of creative inspiration, and also an impressive example of the sound design potential tucked under the hood. Just over the past few months, we’ve seen the SKULPT synth updated with a new factory library, and ARGON8 updated to firmware version 2.4 including Volume 2 of the Factory Library with 400 new sounds. 

This time it’s the COBALT series’ time in the spotlight with the release of the free AlgoRhythms patch library described as ‘30 unique sounds, 20 sequences, 25 rhythmic sounds and 5 uber-expressive performance centric patches’. 

Modal Electronics’ press release expands on this further: 

Complete with aftertouch, an expensive mod-matrix and 3-clock synable LFOs (2 polyphonic and 1 global), there’s no denying the COBALT Series’ rhythmic presets scattered throughout the factory preset banks separate from the pack. Building on this legacy,  Modal Electronics set their sound design team a challenge. Arm the Modal Community with a preset pack brimming with pulsating textures, reactive to the subtle inflection of a truly expressive performance and mapped for tactile control to switch their sound up on the fly. The result: AlgoRhythms. A collection of 30 unique sounds, 20 sequences, 25 rhythmic sounds and 5 uber-expressive performance centric patches, that showcase the sheer power the firmware v1.1 update provides.  

If you haven’t already explored COBALT 8’s innovative algorithm based virtual analog synth engine, this is another great reason to take a look. We can’t wait to dig in and see what we can come up with. AlgoRhythms is free to download now from Modal’s website.

Also, be sure to check out our recent ‘lock-down jam’ featuring the free ‘Monster Machine’ library for ARGON8.

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