Namm 2018 Roundup: Guitars & Bass

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With the 2018 NAMM Show having just wrapped up, we have decided to showcase a few new Guitar & Bass products that we’re most keen on seeing in Australia during the year!

Recently voted as the ‘biggest guitar personality in the world’, Jared Dines and master luthier Perry Ormsby set out to create a guitar like no other that would enable Jared to explore unchartered musical territory in the modern era. Just as Jared has done with one of Ormsby Guitars’ coveted Hype GTR models, numerous projects and videos will feature ‘DJENT 2018’ in the year ahead across YouTube.

The Universal Audio OX is a premium reactive load box and guitar recording system, giving you perfectly studio-miked amp sounds from your favorite tube amp. OX lets you play and record your amp in its sweet spots — from huge clean tones and edge-of-breakup to fully cranked — at any volume level, and with mic, room, and speaker cabinet emulations at the turn of a knob.

Here’s something both familiar and new. The Rickenbacker 5 String model features a brand new pickup design, slightly wider neck and Schaller 3D-5 bridge. Available on all standard colors, including our newest color, Matte Black (available on all 4003’s and 330’s).

The ESP Guitars MS-1007MS and MS-1008MS have varying scale lengths of 27” – 25.5”. They are bolt-on designs that use a “drop top” of thick flamed maple that’s bent over a lightweight mahogany back. Both models offer a five-piece neck made of maple and exotic purple heart wood, with a Macassar ebony fingerboard that includes offset abalone dot inlays.

Top-tier components on the new M-1007MS and M-1008MS include a set of Seymour Duncan Nazgul and Sentient pickups that were custom-made for ESP with a special angled design and pole spacing optimized for the multi-scale design. A push-pull control on the tone knob allows for coil splitting, providing a wealth of flexible tones. Other components include a Hipshot multi-scale bridge and ESP locking tuners.

The Blackstar Amps Unity Pro Bass Amps are the result of countless hours of technical research and benchmarking against the most iconic historic references. Designed from the ground up by bass players, for bass players they are straight forward and powerful. The new Unity Pro Bass System’s deceptively simple controls allow you to quickly and easily create your tone, with rock solid bass, detailed dynamics and innovative features in a compact package from 30 Watts to 500 Watts.

The Unity 250ACT powered cabinet can be linked to any model in the line to add 250W or more of active power to your rig; taking you from the studio or rehearsal room to the gig with ease and portability.

Following a landmark year where the Premier Series skyrocketed in popularity and success, the line will see a host of upgrades for 2018. Per consumer feedback and a desire to elevate tone, Premier Series electric guitars will now feature Seymour Duncan-designed pickups, offering exceptional tonal clarity and versatility. For playability, a fine-tuned, slightly slimmer neck shape aims to aid in comfort. And as an aesthetic addition to the line, the Premier Series will welcome multi-ply cream binding, as well as an all-new ocean turquoise finish available on all models.

Some notable personalities at NAMM 2018

Namm 2018 Roundup: Guitars & Bass
Bootsy Collins @ Namm
Namm 2018 Roundup: Guitars & Bass
"Biggest guitar personality in the world’, Jared Dines with master luthier Perry Ormsby
Namm 2018 Roundup: Guitars & Bass
Skid Row @ Namm


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