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Vintage Basses You Need to Sell Your Car For

Vintage Basses You Need to Sell Your Car For

Vintage basses harness and created the holy-grail tones many of us grew up listening to, be it the smooth tones of a 60’s Fender Precision bass or the mid-heavy punch of a Hofner Violin bass, bassists the world over would give their left leg for

Namm 2018 Roundup: Guitars & Bass

With the 2018 NAMM Show having just wrapped up, we have decided to showcase a few new Guitar & Bass products that we're most keen on seeing in Australia during the year! Ormsby Djent 2018Universal Audio OxRickenbacker 5 String Recently voted as the ‘biggest guitar
Famous Stolen Guitars: Yet to be Recovered

Famous Stolen Guitars Yet to be Recovered

[addtoany] While social media, online marketplaces and the tight musician community has made it easier for stolen instruments to be recovered these days, some of the most important historic stolen instruments in popular music folklore still remain missing today. We are going to look into