NAMM 2020 – Korg Announce Wavestate Synthesiser with Wave Sequencing 2.0

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Korg have made a big splash ahead of the NAMM show this year with the unveiling of Wavestate, their all-new, all-digital synthesiser.

In what appears to be a spiritual successor to the Korg Wavestation from 30 years ago, the Wavestate brings Wave Sequencing and Vector synthesis into the 21st century with what Korg are calling Wave Sequencing 2.0.  

“With the Wavestation, each step of a Wave Sequence had a duration, a sample, and a pitch. This created ear-catching patterns–but the patterns repeated the same way, over and over. 

What if they could evolve in organic, unexpected ways, instead of just repeating? 

Wave Sequencing 2.0 splits apart the timing, the sequence of samples, and the melody so that each can be manipulated independently. Also added are new characteristics including shapes, gate times, and step sequencer values. Each of these is a “Lane,” and each Lane can have a different number of steps and its own start, end, and loop points.” 

Here are the highlights from Korg’s press release: 

  • Wave Sequencing 2.0 
  • Extensive modulation with hands-on control 
  • Gigabytes of samples 
  • Modelled filters, including MS-20 and Polysix 
  • 64 stereo voices 
  • 4 Layers with Vector control 
  • 14 simultaneous effects 
  • Set Lists and Smooth Sound Transitions 
  • Randomization 
  • Compact. Great design. 37 full-size keys. 
  • Designed by Korg R&D in California 

Curiously, you don’t often hear about Korg R&D in California, the relatively obscure division of Korg who was responsible for the original Wavestation. Several of the original Wavestation sound designers have also contributed to the Wavestate’s sound library.  

Check out our unboxing and first look video for our first impressions and a playthrough some of the presets, but keep an eye out for our full review coming soon! 

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