NAMM 2020 – New KORG DIY Kits! OD-S Overdrive Pedal & HA-S Headphone Amplifier

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Korg brings the world of DIY electronics into a new realm of accessibility with two fantastic new product kits, the OD-S NuTube overdrive pedal and the HA-S NuTube headphone amplifier and better yet, no soldering required.

Adding to the Nu:Tekt NTS-1 synth kit (announced in 2019), Korg’s new OD-S and HA-S kits are novice-friendly and easily customizable for those who wish to delve deeper. Both kits utilize Korg’s NuTube technology, a modernised, fully analogue triode vacuum tube that deliver the warm, rich harmonic response one enjoys from a tradition vacuum tube, but in a more compact, stable and energy-efficient design. Very cool.

There’s just the right amount of controls to dial in the desired sound and response of both kits, with a tone control and two gain knobs on the OD-S and an NFB (Negative Feedback) switch on the HA-S.

We’re excited to get our hands on these kits and start building and tweaking; no doubt you will be too!


Specs for both kits below

Specs: OD-S HA-S
Vacuum Tube: Nutube 6P1 Nutube 6P1
Connections: Input/Output (monaural stereo jack)
DC 9V stereo minijack
Input/Output (stereo minijack)
Controls: Volume, Tone, Tube Gain, Gain Volume, internal NFB switch
Power: 1x 9V alkaline battery or DC9V AV adaptor 2x alkaline AAA batteries
Battery Life: 10 hours (approx.) 9 hours (approx.)
Dimensions (W x D x H): 122 x 96 x 55 mm 111 x 65 x 29 mm
Weight: 340g (without batteries) 110g (without batteries)

More info through the KORG Website Here:


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