NAMM 2020: TELEFUNKEN Bring Back the Legendary ELA M 260 Tube Microphone

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Small diaphragm tube condenser mics are a little hard to come by these days but thankfully Telefunken have brought back a bit of a previous industry fav, the ELA M 260 

Previous fans and users of the ELA M 260 should be pretty happy to see the return of this small diaphragm tube condenser. Favoured for its detailed response and warmth, the previous ELA M 260 was a known for being a top pick amongst engineers on acoustic sources, ranging from acoustic guitars, string section instruments from violin to cello to drum overheads amongst a variety other sound sources.  

The new 2020 production of the ELA M 260 is designed around the NOS 5840W vacuum tube and a custom American-made output transformer, which sounds exciting. The updated circuit is said to features premium quality components including a newly designed American-built M 902 power supply, which boasts improved RF and noise rejection. The classic Telefunken crème coloured casing rounds these new mics nicely, looking vintage and sleek 

Several different packages will be available from a single cardioid version, a single Master set which included cardioid, hyper-cardioid and omnidirectional capsules, through to stereos sets and even a Tri-Mono set, nice. We’re looking forward to hearing the new ELA M 260 at some stage, no doubt many others will be excited too. TELEFUNKEN 

Specs: ELM M 260 Cardioid ELM M 260 Master Set ELM M 260 Cardioid Stereo Set ELM M 260 Master Stereo Set

ELM M 260  Tri-Mono Set

TK60 Capsule: 1 1                                 2                        2 3
TK61 Capsule: 1  – 2 3
TK62 Capsule: 1 2 3
Shock Mount:  1x M 761 1x M 761 2x M 761 2x M 761 3x M 761
Power Supply: 1x M 902 1x M 902 1x M 960S 1x M 960S 1x M 963
Cable: 1x M 860 1x M 860 2x M 860 2x M 860 3x M 801
Carry Case:  Yes Yes
Flight Case:  1x FC60S 1x FC60S 1x FC60T
Wooden Box: 3x WB60

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