NAMM 2020: Vox Announce the Cambridge50 Combo, a NuTube Powered Modelling Amp

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Vox are continuing to champion NuTube technology, developed by Korg, on their latest addition to the product line, the 1×12″ 50-watt  Cambridge50 combo amp.  

The idea looks to be creating a one stop shop for home practice and small gigs as they’ve included 11 amp models, 8 built in effects, built in tuner and a USB audio interface with bundled software — which are all fantastic standards for home use, but it also boasts 50 Watts of power through a 12″ Celestion VX12 speaker, meaning it has enough grunt and presence for rehearsals and small gigs.

NuTube has featured in a number of Vox models now, as well as Korg’s Volca Nubass synth. It takes the basic premise of a traditional triode vacuum tube found in guitar amps and scales it down to a more stable and lower voltage design. The idea being that you still get a genuine tube tone and drive, but without the cost, maintenance and weight.

Included amp models:

  • VOX AC30
  • VOX AC30TB
  • BRIT 1959
  • BRIT 800
  • SL-OD
  • LINE (for line level instruments, like keyboards)

Announcement price is a very competitive USD$299, no confirmation on Aus pricing yet.

All the info via Vox here

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