NAMM 2020 – Korg Announce XE-20 Digital Piano/Arranger

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Korg have announced the XE-20, a new digital piano/arranger hybrid reminiscent of both their B2 piano and the EK-50 Entertainer Keyboard. 

For those not familiar with arranger keyboards, these types of products usually provide a range of instrument sounds as well as dynamic interactive accompaniment across a diverse range of styles and genres.  

Digital pianos, on the other hand, are typically more simplistic affairs often offering only a handful of sounds. So why not combine both into one unit. Here’s what Korg has to say: 

“The XE20 is a new digital piano that features an 88-note natural-touch keyboard and contains two full concert grand pianos. It also includes automatic accompaniment so users can go from practising their favourite songs to truly performing them at the touch of a button. 

A complete array of auto accompaniment Styles can be accessed with your left hand, giving you the backing of a full band that you control completely. Play chords and XE20 will follow your changes in any Style you select. Change variations with a single touch. Add fills wherever you want. Add a melody with your right hand. It’s a completely live and in-the-moment way of performing!”

Follow the link to find out more! https://www.korg.com/au/products/digitalpianos/xe20/

Korg Announce XE-20 Piano

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