NAMM 2020: Yvette Young Finally Gets A Signature Model, The Ibanez Talman YY10

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Yvette Young has been a breathe of fresh air for the guitar world over the last few years, her incredible fretboard gymnastics and humble, funny personality fly in the face of the old-school egotistical guitar guy tropes that, frankly, the world’s got more than enough of. So it’s no great surprise that when Yvette started using an Ibanez Talman, Ibanez jumped at the opportunity to have her create her own signature model.  

The YY10 guitar features 3 Seymour Duncan Five Two pickups in a strat configuration, with a  Wilkinson WV6-SB tremolo bridge, with medium frets and a low action for all your Yvette-style fretboard tapping desires. The guitar comes from the factory tuned to one of Yvette’s favourite tunings — E – B – G – C – A – F which is a nice touch, and of course there’s the colour that she’s dubbed ‘Slime Green Sparkle’.

Yvette also tells Reverb.com that the guitars will come with a sticker pack that she designed (before music took over her life, she studied to be a visual artist).  Check out their full chat below.




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